We Buy Houses Birmingham Alabama- How Does The Process Work?

We Buy Houses Birmingham Alabama

Buying a home is not like buying a random object from the store down the street. It involves carefully thought out plans and procedures, after which we buy houses Birmingham Alabama companies go on to purchase a property.

What We Look For When We Buy Houses Birmingham Alabama

Criteria Are Specified

Certain criteria have to be met to catch the interest of the we buy houses Birmingham Alabama companies. Criteria such as good location / neighborhood, school district, size, construction style, and so on. Then we buy houses companies ensure to invest in a wide range of these criteria to ensure that everybody’s needs can be met. 

Budgeting Commences 

When a house buyer looks at a house they make a budget of how much they are willing to invest in the property. Nobody wants to make investments that aren’t profitable, so options are weighed and decisions are made.  

Liquidity Is Double-checked

House buying companies always have to ensure that they have enough liquidity to buy off the property. This is because a homeowner could have a backlog of mortgages. This issue alone can terminate the whole process of purchasing the property. The financial books are thoroughly looked through and once there is a certainty of enough liquidity, the process continues.

Now that these plans are out of the way, you can now fully begin the process of buying your choice house.

The Step By Step Process Of Selling A House

House Hunting

We buy houses Birmingham Alabama companies are now on the lookout for houses that are up for sale or they get contacted by interested parties who are in the business of selling their property for cash.

Offers Are Made

After connections have been made between the seller and the we buy houses Birmingham Alabama company, an offer is made by the company. The company offers a befitting amount for what is perceived to be the value of the property, considering it would be bought just as it is. The offer is made through a process of submitting an offer letter stating the name of the company, its address, and the deal they are offering. The seller can now reply in any way, either accepting the offer, rejecting it, or making a counteroffer. Depending on the seller’s response, the deal can either progress or fall through.

Carry Out Inspections

If the deal is accepted, then inspections are carried out on the house by a professional inspector. This is done to know how much damage there is and the extent of damages to properly evaluate the house. If there is found to be some, there is a review of the offer, depending on the extent of the damage.

Statements Are Checked

This process is specifically to show the seller that the company can afford to buy their property. Financial documents of the company or bank statements are provided by the company as proof of capability on the company’s side. 

Appraise The House

This is the stage where a professional third party comes to evaluate the house to find out its worth and how much would go into repairs and renovations.

Elimination Of Titles

Thorough vetting is done to ensure that the seller is the real owner of the house and that the house isn’t under any association. This along with titles like lien is gotten rid of to ensure a smooth purchase.

Sign The Papers

This is the final step that includes signing every legal document that comes with a house. This is done in the presence of an attorney to ensure that the documents are signed in clarity.


These are the necessary steps we take when we buy houses like yours.  Before and during the process of buying a house or property we will take care to make the best offer we can under the circumstances.

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