How Long Are You Liable After Selling A House In Birmingham

Most people think that once they’ve sold their home, they have no more affiliation with it. Whatever issue that arises concerning the place is not their responsibility. This may look like the ideal manner of things, but the truth is you’re still liable to your home even after selling it; the question here is, for how long?

How long are you liable after selling your home, and what can you do to avoid any problems that may arise after the sale of your home?

How Long Are You Liable After Selling a House?

Selling a house is not an easy feat; it may take days, months, or even years; that’s why most sellers think they wouldn’t be liable after the sale. After selling a house, you’re still responsible for some problems that may arise later (for up to six years). Selling a house can take a long time which can be terrifying, but knowing how long you’re responsible even after selling your home can be more frightening.

Do you have to take responsibility for everything after selling your house? Not necessarily, but you’re liable for anything misstated to the buyer. If the buyer experiences a problem that they weren’t informed of during the sale, you’re accountable for such a problem (within six years) under the Misinterpretation Act of 1967. Sometimes, you can be responsible for the house when the buyer notices a problem three years after purchase.

How Can You Reduce Liability?

There’s a way you can reduce your liability after you’ve closed the sale of your home, which is to disclose as much information as possible about your home to the buyer before purchase. You might as well disclose little information and leave your buyers to check out the details themselves, but that will put you in a tight situation, especially if they later discover a problem they knew nothing about. The discoveries or information you have about your home before the sale must be documented in case the buyer decides to take the matter to court at some point. Also, ensure you don’t exaggerate problems such as structural issues or dampness. You must inform the buyer of every inconvenience, including if you have a dispute with your neighbors. If you don’t consider all of this, you’re liable to severe costs in compensation that could affect you greatly.

Some homeowners are usually concerned about selling their homes because their houses have problems they can’t boldly disclose to the buyers. In a case like this, the best option is to sell to a cash house buyer. A cash house buyer will help you sell your home fast, regardless of its problems. Cash house buyers have little or no concerns about problems like noisy neighbors or dampness. Instead, they’ll buy your house and pay you in cash. No matter the problems you have with your house, cash house buyers will buy your home without undue stress.

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