How To Downsize Your House

People downsize their homes for different reasons like retirement or divorce but downsizing is not restricted only to these reasons. Homeowners can choose to downsize at any point in their lives as they get new priorities. Some people downsize because they need to cut costs or simply they just want items in the house reduced to the minimum.

Moving is always a significant transition regardless of your reasons which is why you must prepare for it adequately. Downsizing impacts your budget and lifestyle. This article explains effective tips on how to downsize your home.

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Effective Downsizing and Decluttering Tips

  • Take Inventory of Your Belongings

If you’re moving to a smaller house, then you know your new home won’t be able to accommodate all the items from your old home. So, you need to take inventory of your belongings even before you start packing. As you go through your belongings, it’s important to separate the items you need from the ones you don’t need. You’re downsizing to make your life easy, so take only items that are essential with you.

  • Sort through items and get rid of duplicates 

As you sort out your belongings, employ the Three-Box Method. This means that as you arrange, you have three boxes and label them as “keep,” “Get rid of,” and “Put in storage. Put items you want to keep in the “Keep” box, put items you want to dispose of in the “Get rid of” box, and keep items you’re unsure about their usefulness at the moment in the “Put in storage” box.

Once you’re sure of the items you want to dispose of, figure out the best way to get rid of them. Do you want to donate them? Have a yard sale? Rent a dumpster? Or give it out to loved ones? Create a plan to get rid of unwanted items and follow your plan.

  • Go Digital When Possible

Paper clutter including old bills, receipts, photos, etc. can add up over the years. Hence, you need to go digital with these items. Even items like home movies, music, and photos can be converted to digital files. This will free up a lot of space. In this digital age, you don’t have to hold on to DVDs, CDs, or VHS tapes anymore.

  • Measure Furniture and Wait to Buy New Things

Your new home may not have enough space to accommodate all the furniture from your old home. Measure your furniture to see if they’d fit into your new home or you’ll need to part with and buy new ones. Also, avoid buying new items for your new home until you’re sure of how spacious your new home is.

  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Downsizing isn’t something you jump in and out of. You need time to downsize and declutter so that you don’t rush and mix things up. Giving yourself enough time eliminates the risk of making mistakes while downsizing. Also, ask for help when necessary. There isn’t any law that states that you must declutter on your own. 

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Downsizing is an important part of selling your home. Not only is it beneficial to you, but your buyers also get a chance to see your house without all the load. The earlier you’re able to declutter your house, the faster you’re able to sell it.

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