How to sell house for legal fees

When selling a house, there are many fees you have to take care of. You have to take care of property agents’ fees, renovation and repair fees, and legal fees. Many sellers are well aware of these fees but they pay less attention to legal fees.

Legal fees are important because they could stretch into tens of thousands of dollars depending on how long the sale process is or it could be more. There have been situations whereby homeowners sell their houses to cover legal fees in different situations. If selling your house can help you offset some legal expenses or help you finance legal protection, then why not?

how to sell house for legal fees

Lawyer services are expensive. In some states, lawyers charge between $250 and $520 per hour. And as you know, selling your house requires that you pay other fees too. These may include investigator hourly fees, witness fees, travel expenses, paralegal hourly fees, and more. These legal fees all add up so fast and become too much to pay except you make substantial profit from the sale of your home to clear the fees. 

Civil Case Vulnerability

Civil cases involve two private parties in legal proceedings. In criminal proceedings, legal services would have been provided free and at no cost. However, in civil cases, you take care of all legal expenses yourself. If you receive a court summons in either scenario, you must respond and best bet, you’ll need a lawyer to represent you.

Finding an attorney who charges nothing less than $100 per hour and up to $400 per hour can be difficult which is why you need to have a financial backup plan. Your ability to cover these expenses would determine if you’re able to protect your assets or succumb to financial strain and stress. 

You can discuss with your attorney if you’re unable to pay the fees and come up with alternative means to cover the legal expenses. 

Sell Your House Fast to Get the Legal Funds You Need

Of all the alternatives there are, the most feasible is to sell your house to cover legal fees. To achieve this, you can sell your house to a reliable cash house buyer like us at Chase Pays Cash For Houses. 

We’re your best bet if you’re looking to sell my house fast Birmingham; we can simplify your home sale process in three easy steps.

First, you provide your home address and tell us everything we need to know about your home. You don’t have to worry about the shape or condition because we buy homes as-is. Then you fix a meeting so we can come over to your house to inspect it. We don’t waste time on inspection and we can complete it within a day. And lastly, you’re left to accept our offer. We assure you that we will close the sale of your house the moment you agree to our offer

how to sell house for legal fees 2


Working with a reliable cash house buyer when looking to sell your house for legal funds means that you won’t be paying any extra fees. Legal fees put a strain on your finances which may cause you to seek other alternatives to pay off the expenses. If you’re going to sell your home, Chase Pays Cash For Houses is here to help.

Contact us today and see how we can help you sell your house to cover the cost of your legal fees!

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