How to sell house with tenant

As a landlord or house owner, selling a house with a tenant can be a bit challenging. Before you proceed with selling in such a situation, there are factors you must consider both legal and practical factors. 

Most buyers may lose interest in your house when they discover there’s a tenant in it. And a sensitive tenant may hire a lawyer when they sense you’re trying to sell your house with them still in it. 

How do you sell my house fast Alabama with a tenant without causing bad blood between you and your tenant? This article will explain more about that:

how to sell house with tenant

Strategies to sell your house with a tenant 

If you’re trying to sell your house with a tenant still in residence, here’s how to achieve that without pissing off both the buyer and your tenant.

  • Fix mutually convenient appointments 

Whoever is listing the house should ensure that the tenant is notified within a set amount of time before showing the property. If your tenant gives their boundaries about the time their property should be shown then try to respect those boundaries. The listing agent can always contact the tenant whenever there’s a need for an emergency showing.

  • Respectfully ask the tenant to not be there. 

No homebuyer would love a situation where they’re shadowed by a resident or tenant. So, before you invite buyers for showings, ensure you have discussed with your tenant and have asked them to leave the property for a short time. You can go all out to convince them to leave the property for a while; say, offer to get them dinner at a nearby restaurant.

  • Offer to assist with property maintenance.

Another way to sell your house to a tenant is to assist them with property maintenance. Since your tenant is no longer interested in staying in your house, they’d be more than happy if you offer to take on the responsibility of maintaining the property. You could hire a lawn care service to take care of the gardens. This will not only improve the environment, it’ll help your tenants cooperate with you and help you sell your house easily.

  • Help them find a new place to live.

To ease the process, you could help your clients find a new place to live. If you have other residential properties within or outside the area, you can promise to offer them accommodation in your other properties. Or you could introduce them to fellow landlords or give them contacts to reliable real estate agents that can help them find a new residence.

  • Insist that they are up to date with rent.

If you have tough tenants who are refusing to cooperate with your intention to sell the house to another, then you must insist that they’d be thrown out if they don’t pay their rent. It’s time to stop being lenient and be assertive with tenants who fail to pay up their rent. If they’re unable to pay up, you can offer them the option of moving out as it will help you sell your house faster. You can get an eviction notice through the court if your tenant is proving to be strong-headed.

how to sell house with tenant 2


You can sell your house with a tenant faster if you follow these strategies. However, if you’re going to chase out your tenant for a new buyer, then it must be a reliable buyer. 

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