Which superstitions might help sell your house

Growing up, there are some things we’ve been made to believe to help shape our thoughts, behaviors, and actions; these things are known as superstitions. And over the years, superstitions have been used to achieve certain goals or get people to behave in certain ways. The reach of superstition has no bounds, it’s used anywhere and everywhere, even in the real estate industry. There are some superstitions that homeowners use with the hope that it will help them sell their house faster. These superstitions will be considered in this article:

Superstitions home sellers use in selling their homes 

  • Burying a St. Joseph Statue

The origin of this practice has been traced back to the 16th century but people have been found to use this practice considering the rate at which people buy this statue on Amazon and bury it in their yard. St. Joseph is the Catholic Saint of workers, fathers, homes, and house-hunting. The practice is to bury the statue face down in the yard, just a few centimeters away from the “for sale” sign. However, you can always dig up the statue and put it in a more respectful place if the statue does not facilitate the sale of your home.

which superstitions might help sell your house
  • Scattering Coins for Prosperity

This practice is associated more with financial prosperity than helping you sell your house fast. People believe that scattering coins when selling your home can make buyers settle for your asking price or offer a higher price for your home without trying to negotiate to reduce it. You can also place coins under your doormat to invite wealth and prosperity into your home. You could place a coin under your keyboard for a boom in your online business. So, maybe you’ve not been getting buyers for your home who’re ready to buy at the asking price because you’ve not been placing a coin under your doormat.

  • Feng Shui

Feng Shui strategies are mostly used by home staging experts to make a house more presentable to potential buyers. Feng Shui is used to create peace and harmony between people and their environments. Some of the well-known Feng Shui methods for creating harmony in a home are clearing clutter and bringing plants into the home to enliven it. With Feng Shui, you can carry out many of the tips in your new home to allow for peace and harmony in your new home.

  • Smudging with White Sage 

Smudging is an age-long practice that focuses on removing bad energy from the home. This practice consists of burning various herbs and allowing the incense from the herbs to cleanse the area. The herb mostly used in this instance is white sage. The belief behind this practice is that cleansing bad energy from your house will make your house more appealing to the next owners. Also, it helps you break free from the ties of your old place and move into your new house on a clean slate.

  • Baking Cookies

Baking cookies is a traditional technique most agents and sellers believe in selling homes. The smell of freshly baked cookies helps to create a positive sensory experience for potential buyers; it creates a sense of warmth in the subconscious. However, these days, experts believe that the smell of baked cookies is either too complex and the scent of citrus or peppermint can do the work better.

which superstitions might help sell your house 2


In modern times, we tend to take superstitions as they are; we consider them weak and ineffective. However, almost fifty percent of the population still believe in superstitions and they practice it, even if they’re not bold about it.

But there’s a more logical and realistic way you can sell my house fast Birmingham. Selling to a reliable cash house buyer like us at Chase Pays Cash For Houses can help you get your house sold within a few days. Superstitions may work but when you combine it with a realistic option like this, then you can be able to sell your house before you know it.

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