Why Are Split-Level Homes Harder To Sell

Selling any home is a challenge but selling a split-level home is more of a challenge. Their unique and dated appearance make them less appealing to modern homebuyers who don’t appreciate the layouts of these types of homes. 

Split-level homes are only difficult to sell, not impossible, so if you have any split-level home to sell, you’ll know how to go about the sale by the end of this article.

Why Are Split-Level Homes Harder To Sell

What Is a Split-Level House?

Split-level homes also known as bi-level houses are homes with multiple levels joined together by a flight of stairs. Split level houses share similar features, like:

  • Spacious living areas.
  • Multiple attics.
  • Integrated garages.
  • Low-pitched roofs.
  • Double-hung windows.

Why Do Split-Level Homes Not Sell as Fast?

Split-level homes tend to sell slower than other homes. Some reasons why they’re hard to sell include:

  • Multiple staircases:

In a split-level home, people use multiple staircases to move from one level to the next. These stairs take up a large amount of space and are stressful for homeowners to climb regularly. Many homeowners are uncomfortable with the layout of a split level home because the design reduces the space in the home. A split-level home isn’t a good choice of housing for people with disabilities.

  • Awkward floor plans: 

The design of some split-level homes makes the house feel congested thereby restricting movement for people with disabilities, older parents and young children. Most homeowners prefer to buy houses with enough space for movement.

  • Less natural light: 

The awkward layout of split-level homes hinders the flow of natural light into the house. Hardly would you find a buyer who’s interested in a dark house. Some split-level homes have little windows in few places. This type of design is outdated and no longer suitable for modern day buyers as they prefer houses with open floor plans that can allow the flow of natural light. 

  • Challenging remodels: 

The layout of split-level homes makes it difficult for repairs and renovations. If a buyer buys such a house, they’ll want to make modern changes to make it appealing, but renovations in a split-level home is also a challenge. Split-level homes have a specific layout such as the kitchen and living area on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second. It’ll be a serious challenge trying to change the overall layout to suit personal preference.

  • Lack of curb appeal: 

Split-level homes are old fashioned and often look boxy. Buyers can easily lose interest in the home just by looking at its appearance. Even if such a house is in its best condition, buyers may still lose interest in it due to its lack of curb appeal.

Why Are Split-Level Homes Harder To Sell 2


If you’re trying to sell your split-level home, there are different approaches you could try. You can reassure potential buyers to invest in split-level houses, emphasize more on the strength of the home and try to make a few upgrades in the home.

You can try out these methods when trying to sell your home but these take time and effort and aren’t sure to work in an existing market. If you want to sell your house faster, you should consider selling to a cash house buyer. 

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