Why Does It Take So Long To Sell a House

Two houses listed on the market cannot sell at the same time. Every house has different factors that determine how fast they get sold. On average, the sale process of a house takes between eight and 12 weeks from accepting an offer to closing the sale.

At Chase Pays Cash For Houses, we specialize in quick sales. We buy houses Birmingham fast and close the sale of your house within seven days. However, in this article, we’ll discuss some reasons why it takes some houses so long to sell. Continue reading to learn more:

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Reasons your house is not selling 

  • Your home lacks curb appeal

One of the major reasons why it takes your house so long to sell is its lack of curb appeal. When buying a house, buyers decide in their mind if they will go through with the sale within minutes. And your curb appeal is a significant deciding factor. Hence, your home may not sell fast if the outside of your home isn’t very appealing. Curb appeal is a very important factor that affects a buyer’s choice.

  • The property feels cluttered

You may have a hard time selling your home if your home is too cluttered. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter in the home can make your house spacious; this way, buyers will be able to imagine their things in the space. Decluttering involves getting rid of anything that is of no use in the house anymore including old furniture, old toys, rotting playhouses, old running machines, and others. Ensure your home is always clean and get pets and children out of sight, especially during showings. 

  • The photos don’t do it justice

Most buyers usually start shopping for a new home online, so the first image of your house they see will be on the internet. Online, there are so many options that give buyers the chance to skip over any picture they don’t find attractive. If you’re going to upload pictures of your house online, ensure the picture is taken by a professional photographer. Do not use your phone or any random camera; allow a professional to use the right tools and equipment to take the best photo of your house. Also, ask your agent to approve your photo before uploading it online.

  • The asking price is wrong

The price of your property can either make or mar your sale, you only have to get the pricing right. To get the asking price for your house right, seek advice from professional agents and combine the research you get online. Fix the price of your house so that it doesn’t chase away prospective buyers. Instead, it attracts them and helps you sell your house faster.

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If your house is taking too long to sell, then you’re doing something wrong. You need to ensure to implement all these tips and hire a professional realtor to get your house off the market quickly. Or you can sell to a cash house buyer who’s ready to buy your house immediately without stress or hassle. 

At Chase Pays Cash for Houses, we buy houses from homeowners at the best price, and we close the sale of their houses within seven days. Also, you don’t have to make renovations or repairs before we buy your house, because we will buy your house as-is.

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