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There are many reasons why homeowners in Birmingham, Alabama, choose to sell their properties. One of these reasons is due to inheritance. If you have recently inherited a property in Birmingham, or you know you will inherit one shortly, it can be an incredibly stressful time in your life.

An inheritance may come with mixed emotions. You may be confused about what to do with a property that your parent or favorite grandma has left for you. These decisions can be overwhelming for anyone who has recently inherited a house. 

Eventually, you’ll have to decide what you will do with that Birmingham house. You may opt to rent the property, keep it, or sell it for cash to Chase Pays Cash LLC. 

At Chase Pays Cash LLC, we know how much of a burden this can be, especially if you don’t plan to live in the house you’ve inherited. We can help. We buy houses Birmingham from distressed homeowners.

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We Buy Houses Birmingham and Here Are Some Reasons To Sell Your Inherited House 

Costly Repairs

You may inherit a house that’s in a bad state. The property owner may have ignored repairs to their leaking roof, faulty garage door, and broken windows.

In the event you inherit a property, you will be responsible for such repairs. Before renting, selling, or moving into the property, you’ll have to spend money to fix the house. This may require the help of an experienced contractor. 

If you decide to sell your house to Chase Pays Cash LLC, you don’t have to worry about repairs. We buy houses Birmingham regardless of their condition. Let us worry about the problems in your house after we’ve bought it.

Empty Houses Are Costly

When you inherit a house that you don’t live in, the vacant house may still accrue expenses. You may have to pay maintenance expenses, utility bills, insurance, and property taxes. 

Furthermore, an empty house still experiences general wear and tear. In the long run, this may affect the value of your house. A vacant house depreciates as time passes, forcing you to incur renovation costs when you are ready to move in, rent, or sell the property. 

Renting It Out Is Labor Intensive

Renting out properties in Birmingham isn’t something everyone may be comfortable with. Dealing with tenants can be complicated. What if you get someone who delays paying their rent? What if they extensively damage your house? 

You may also have a demanding job or business that doesn’t allow you to handle renting out your property. You may not have ample time to sort out issues with your tenants.

Chase Pays Cash LLC can ensure you don’t have to deal with any troublesome tenants. We can help you get rid of your inherited house today. We buy houses Birmingham in as little as 7 days, ensuring you don’t deal with tenant problems.

More Than One Heir

At times, your loved one may leave their estate to more than one person. For instance, parents may leave all their properties to their three children. Living in the same house may not be an option for some siblings. 

In such cases, selling the property may be the best option. At Chase Pays Cash LLC, we can offer you the best cash offer for your property, ensuring all heirs get a piece of their inheritance.

Get Your Cash Offer Today

If you have inherited a house in Birmingham that you don’t want to keep, there are several options you can use to get rid of it. With cash house buyers, you can sell your house fast and move on with your life. You don’t have to deal with the challenges that come with owning a house you want to get rid of.

Chase Pays Cash LLC is ready to buy your property today. We buy houses Birmingham from distressed homeowners. Fill out the form today to receive your no-obligation cash offer.

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