We Buy Houses Birmingham – Tips On How To Maintain Your Rental Real Estate And The Implications If You Don’t

If you own rental property, you must take proper maintenance and care of your property. Maintaining a rental property is both time-consuming and costly as you are in charge of ensuring your property is in good condition and habitable. Failure to do so has implications.

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When Should You Make Repairs On Your Rental Property?

The best time to make repairs is immediately when you notice an issue. Ignoring minor issues only leads to worse problems. If you are constantly traveling, consider hiring licensed professionals to contact you whenever there is a maintenance or repair issue at your rental property.

Types Of Rental Property Repairs

It is crucial to know your role and responsibility as a landlord. Typically, a tenant will alert you if there are any issues that you have to fix to ensure your house is safe and habitable. Some of the general repairs you may be expected to conduct as a landlord include:

– Structural integrity

– Ensuring appliances are functional

– Heat and electric

– Pest control

– Plumbing issues

– Getting rid of mold

– Upgrade and maintain the security system 

Rental Property Maintenance Tips

Consider having a proactive maintenance checklist as it helps prevent major future repairs. It would be best to give your tenants notice before entering the property. Here is a list of things you can do proactively to avoid costly repairs later:

– Perform an annual inspection and note down any issues that require fixing or replacing

– Check and replace air filters and ensure the CO2 and smoke detectors are working effectively

– Ensure the lawns are well maintained

– Have the pest control service treat the property consistently

Implications Of Not Repairing Your Rental Real Estate Property

As a rental real estate owner, you must maintain your property. Failing to keep up with your property maintenance has its financial implications. You have to carry out all repairs that tenants report to you. Otherwise, a tenant can choose to withhold rental payments or pay less rent until you fix the issue. The tenant can also hire someone to fix the repairs and deduct the cost from their rent. 

Of course, whatever a tenant chooses to do may also depend on the state laws. If the maintenance issue is serious and makes your rental property inhabitable, a tenant can decide to end their lease. If a tenant ends their lease early, it means you have to pay for your mortgage out of pocket while also footing the costs of repair. Besides, the chances are that your property won’t attract the right tenants if it’s in poor condition.

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Maintaining real estate rental properties can be exhausting and expensive, especially if you constantly need to fix something. Consider selling your rental property to Chase Pays Cash LLC if you no longer want to deal with maintenance issues. We buy houses Birmingham as is, so you do not have to think about repair or renovation costs. We make you a reasonable offer, pay cash, and there are no additional fees or commissions. 

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