Why Are Split-Level Homes Harder To Sell

Selling any home is a challenge but selling a split-level home is more of a challenge. Their unique and dated appearance make them less appealing to modern homebuyers who don’t appreciate the layouts of these types of homes.  Split-level homes are only difficult to sell, not impossible, so if you have any split-level home to … Continued

Can I Sell My House Before Foreclosure

Selling your home before foreclosure may not be the best choice for you as a homeowner, but when circumstances happen, selling your home before foreclosure may be your only choice.  Knowing you’re at risk of foreclosure can be stressful for you as a homeowner. Foreclosure can lead to you losing your home and even ruin … Continued

How Do I Sell My House Without A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents play a vital role in selling your home, however, you may decide that you don’t want their services when selling your home. Selling your home without real estate is possible but may be difficult especially if you don’t have any prior selling experience. The real estate industry is more favorable to buyers … Continued

Does Your Credit Score Drop When You Sell A House

Most homeowners want to know if selling their homes can affect their credit score. Selling your home is supposed to be a good thing for your credit score because it helps to pay off your mortgage balance. In the same vein, selling your home could also affect your credit negatively.  This article will explain in … Continued

How To Avoid Closing Costs When Buying A House

Closing costs are the extra fees you pay after buying a home. During the closing stage, the property title is transferred from the seller to the buyer; and certain fees and taxes need to be paid for the purchase to go through. Closing cost is on average between six to three percent of the total … Continued
foreclosure in birmingham, al

The Process Of Foreclosure In Birmingham, AL

Foreclosure is a big problem in Birmingham, AL. As a real estate investor, I’m all too familiar with the process of foreclosure and how it affects the community. In this article, I’ll be discussing the process of foreclosure in Birmingham, AL and how my company, Chase Pays Cash, can help people facing foreclosure. Foreclosure can … Continued

Foreclosure and The Devastating Impacts Of Covid 

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the lives of people all over the world, and it’s especially true here in Birmingham. People have lost their jobs and businesses, leading to an unprecedented surge of foreclosures across the country. At Chase Pays Cash, we understand how difficult this situation is for families facing foreclosure and … Continued
inheriting a house

Inheriting a House For The First Time

Inheriting a house for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. Most people don’t know what to do when they receive an unexpected property, and it’s important to find out your options quickly. As the owner of Chase Pays Cash, a cash home buying company in Birmingham AL, I’ve seen many homeowners in … Continued
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